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OGGY WAX is blended here in the UK and has been tested in UK waters. Cold & cool of course!

Most of the surf wax on sale in the UK is imported from Australia and the USA, and therefore blended for their water conditions.

To keep it's identity as 'UK surf wax', it's been moulded into the shape of a Cornish Pasty. After all they are all hand made in Cornwall.

This is not only so that you can identify the wax as being a great surf wax, but it's ergononic shape helps you apply your wax

evenly and quickly, giving you great grip and more time in the water.

As most UK surfers will know, Cornwall is one of the best surfing locations in the UK, and this is where OGGY WAX has been tested

and proven to be a great surf wax. Perranporth, Cornwall is the birth place of - OGGY WAX.

Due to other projects and commitments, Oggy Wax will be unavailable to purchase during 2016.

We will be back at some point, so please keep popping back to get updates.

You can still follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you to all our customers support over the past few years and sorry if this causes and inconvenience.

Thank you (Meur rasta)

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